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It's so weird being back here. I went to deadjournal last night and it was such a surreal experience, which obviously led me to here. So much has changed. For example, instead of being a self-absorbed, narcisstic, bitchy, tantrum-throwing teenager, I instead live with one and have to practically parent her. Despite her being in frickin' medschool. She's going to be a bloody doctor in under 2 years and if she acts the way she does - condescending, arrogant, superiority complex - she'll not only piss off all the junior doctors, she'll piss off the senior ones, the rest of the healthcare team AND the patients. And I wouldn't be surprised.

She gave me the dirtiest look when my consultant said the nicest thing to me.

Which brings me to what's got me in a halcyonic, world-isn't-shit mood. He signed me off today (which means 4 days off, going in only when I have to - woohoo. Which means I can go to the gym and actually try and get my money's worth. I doubt I'll stay with it for more than a month anyway!). Gave me 18/20 - which is exceeds expectations or whatever the Muggle equivalent is. (How sad that I know the Hogwarts marking system better than the medschool's!! Shows how shit and nonsensical their stuff is.) Anyway, he then added that if Christine and I needed a reference for next year, when we're applying for jobs, he'll be more than happy to oblige.

I did a I'M-SUPER-HAPPY-AND-PSYCHOTICALLY-SO Jig inside my head. I nearly did it physically but I stopped myself.

Besides, her dirty look was enough to put a damper on my mood. What crawled up her ass? Or rather, what new crawled up her ass?

Anywho, so I'm in a GREAT GREAT GREAT mood today.

And sure, I've wasted the whole day, done no work or exercise, but it's fine. Sort of. Going for a yoga class tomorrow at 11 hopefully. Hour and a half...not sure I'll survive.

My other flatmates are good. Sara was happy for me. She's such a lovely, bubbly person. Competitive but not in a bitchy, I-hate-anything-good-happening-to-you way. Nik's just...Nik. Insulting my arse, calling me a man, same old same old.

So yup, currently, life is not a bitch. She's actually kinda nice. I'm riding it out until I get to North Mid. That's gonna call me, that long commute mixed with my current shitty insomnia. Sure hope I sleep better tonight.

And OH GOD The Inbetweeners is SO DAMN CRINGEY!!! I can't watch it right now! OH GOD! Oh god! Oh goddddddd is so cringey!!

~ Trina ~

Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic

Ok, so I finally decided to update this journal. Wonder when my next post will be...

I feel full of Doctor Who love right now, and it makes the whole world seem so shiny and new and full of possibilities. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to revise some Pharm and Anatomy before 4th year starts, in two weeks time. I'm sure the shiny-ness and awesomeness of the world will disappear within a minute of deathly boredom.

Read chapter two of New Moon, the second book in the Twilight series. It's pretty awful. I almost despise the two main characters - Edward and Bella. Both full of such ridiculous guilt over...what exactly? Oh, that's right. Stuff that anyone else would put down as 'shit happens'. There was one tiny brief mention of Rosalie though - her with her smug smile. Gods I love her. The only vampire with a human heart and soul and personality; one that doesn't bow down to ye olde boring Bella. Go Rosalie!! And who knows? Maybe Edward will some day realise that love isn't thinking "oooh how pretty he is" and being unable to say no to them; maybe he'll realise he wants a girl who challenges him and doesn't accept his shit. And it's Rosalie.

Brilliant bit in Doctor Who just now. It's the New Series 1 Episode....10? The Doctor Dances. And Rose tells him that she trusts Jack Harkness because Jack reminds her of him...except with dating and dancing. And of course, this then leads to them dancing. Squeeeeeee-galore bay-bee. Yesh, I do love my Rose with the Doctor - any will do!! It's such brilliant dialogue, such amazing chemistry...if only Bella and Edward had this. Well, Edward sort of has this with Rosalie (according to my imagination).

I think somebody else added my fanfic, Cruel Breezes and Funny Valentines to their favourite list. But I'm beginning to get confused between Edward and Rosalie with Faye and Spike (Cowboy Bebop) and Pansy/Draco. Let's hope I can keep all of them in character, including the excessive guilt that Edward and Bella seem to love. Gah, childishness.

Speaking of Draco/Pansy....I just went on Jubiliee3's livejournal...the author of Forgivable Expectations. And oh my days has she got me squeeing and glomping about Draco and Pansy again. And this, in the 6th Movie, too! Well, the 6th movie was definitely better than the 5th one. Impossible for it to be worse but still a good movie by non-Harry Potter standards. And so much Pansy although I am STILL furious that Draco didn't lay his head on her lap. Gah, WHY WHY WHY? Why did they have to remove that scene? Why that scene?? I could've handled the loss of any other scene or additonal ones; hell, the whole school could have declared Ginny Weasley the Sex Queen of Hogwarts, and if they had kept that scene, I would've been satisfied.

Anyway, this onslaught of love for Draco/Pansy and all Slytherins (by and large) means that I'm interested in Dransy fics. I'm gonna read a few, come up with a good idea or two, and write some. Only got 2 weeks left before I'm ready to sell my soul to be in the top two quartiles for 4th year. Let's see how it goes.

Rohan's also reminded me that we're going to dinner tonight, with SREESANTH. YES, SREESANTH. Who was previously on the Indian Cricket Team. THAT SREESANTH. And honestly? I can't be arsed. I mean, I'm incredibly excited about it all, but I'd rather just chill and...honestly? Read fanficts at home. Yes, I know. I'm sad, and unsociable. But there's only 2 weeks left until I'll be thrust into university life with few breaks; forced to interact with everyone ALL THE TIME, and all the politics that goes with it. Until then, I'm going to revel in make-believe worlds, pretend that I'm Rosalie and Faye and Pansy and live life to its imaginary fullest.

I'm off to have a cup of tea now. Hopefully, it won't be another year and a half before I update.

Trins xXx

Current Mood: thirstythirsty

I so shouldn't be here. Studying be damned, though...at least for the next few minutes.

Lovely to see you Arbor/Mai. *glomps*

What should I talk about first? Superficial crap or Political rantings? Superficial crap it is! ^^

*squack* I've put on weight! I've never weighed this much before...granted it's only half a kg more than my heaviest weight...and I'm not in the pre-obese BMI category yet...but still...*squack* Although between yesterday and today, I've lost a pound, so that's good. For those of you silly enough to be interested, that's 120 pounds that I weigh. Not much, you say? But then, I'm less that 5 ft 3...and venturing on the brink of old age. Oh ye birthdays, why do thee come so...regularly! A regular Shakespeare I am!

I'll edit my entry everytime I'm on a break to do my political rantings...and there's a lot of it today!!!

Much love to all of you guys!

Rant part 1: I absolutely LOATHE David Cameron! As if Gordon Brown's ideas of charging the hospital if 'Super-Bug Targets' aren't met, David Cameron is going one step worse, and wants to charge the hospital for every patient that gets the super-bug! Ok, firstly, a hospital is a place full of sick people - SICK PEOPLE THAT HAVE BUGS. For fucks sake! AND what's gonna happen? Patients will inevitably get super bugs in the hospital, the hospitals will lose more money, the goverment will complain even more about the NHS losses and they'll try to save money by firing people. BASTARDS! I mean, seriously, decide what you want - improving quality of the NHS or a financially more feasible NHS. You can't have the damn cake and eat it too - if you eat the damn cake, it disappears into your damn stomach (increasing the likelihood of CHD, diabetes, etc), erego, you don't have it any longer. Morons!

Rant part 2: Onto education now. Those moronic, braindead fools of an idiot have said, in the space of less than 2 weeks, that the children from the poorest backgrounds are doing the worst, and that they need need. AND then, that each school should high light the children who are 'gifted', to quote them, i.e. test all the children at 14 years of age, and those that get 3 levels above the average or normal level, are gifted. And give these giften children special attention. Now, let me point out right now that this means that the poorest and poorest result-achieving students will be getting extra attention. The gifted children will be getting extra attention. What about the vast majority of normal ones? Whatever happened to equality? Or at least, attempted equality? Whatever happened to actually helping EACH child to achieve their best? Yet another piece of evidence that shows how ... illogical the government is, and how stupid and lacking in common sense they are! Why, oh WHY, can we not at least have a government with slight common sense?!

Trins xxx

awwww, looking at all these animé pics is actually kind of upsetting, cuz there's no way in hell that I can draw nearly that well. Really need to start getting into my drawing mood - as of tomorrow, I shall start!


Current Mood: enviousenvious

Good God, I can't believe I haven't updated in three months. I haven't even written in my normal paper diary - there'll definitely be a big blank in the year 2006 when I'm senile, or even better - if I get to be infamous. Does anyone need a dictator???

Loads and loads of bloody insects in the house, because it's bloody hot, so we open the bloody doors and windows and they all come in. Bloody insects! I've got tons of bites - mostly from last night but I'm putting some Odomos on. Thank God for Odomos.

Haven't worked on Powers of Observation at all, today. On the other hand, did go a bit further in Croc, played Monopoly with Rohan, didn't snap at Dadi and found out muchos information about Space Ghost Coast to Coast. SGC2C for short. It is such an awesomely awesome cartoon. I've also replaced funky with awesomely awesome.

The special delivery letter came today, when I was still sleeping. In all fairness, I did wake up at 9.45 today. Bloody late! It was the certificate from UCL, which is good. I think. No covering letter or anything, but at least they received it. I need to sort out the student finance. I am actually close to panicking now, because everything is so close and everything. I need to send in the letter saying I understand about the student finances, and find out if I'm immune to Hep B or not. I have NO fucking idea what I'm going to do, if I'm NOT immune - I mean, you're supposed to test this a month after your last injection, so that's in...May? That way, you get a booster. God, I really, really hope I am immune. I think it's time to get vaguely religious again.

I think the UCL stuff's been pretty good, because I've found out so much about Hinduism that I didn't know before. Like how much the white MDFKs screwed up all the ideas, and like how amazing and not irritating Krishna Ji is. I am a Hindu now - I'm just far more enlightened than most other people - but to be fair, that's just my opinion and stuff.

Going off on a tangent now. In Kasamb Se, they have possibly killed off Jai Walia - which is SO annoying because I had a soft spot for him, despite him being old and slightly fat. Besides, he was the only decent actor in it. Really hope he hasn't died.

Off to read Elyse the only decent person in ANTM thingy. Her entries are SO funny.

Take care, everyone.

Trins xxx

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Hey everyone. I thought I'd make a general entry for once, instead of a Charmed one. Jeez - my obssessiveness occasionally surprises even me! Mon dieu, non? That's french for My God.

I'm working full-time at the moment, and unfortunately, it isn't 9-5. It's 8-4. Faaaaar too early for me. :-( However, it keeps me busy and pays so it's better than the last temp job.

I'm off to see Ish this weekend - for her 18th. I'll be reaching her train stop at 1ish, and we'll be leaving for London at 4ish. We'll be eating dinner there - all paid by her parents - and then, we go and see Chicago. Nice, no? AND then, they'll be about 4 of us, counting Ish and me, staying at her house that night, to watch the Ring O. WHICH I'VE WANTED TO SEE FOR FOREVER! Ok, not quite that long, but for a fairly long time. and then I'm back here on Sunday, for sleep recuperation and work on Monday.

Crap. Just now, had a major horrible case. GOD I hope I don't get into trouble over this. :-( :-( :'(

Trins xxx

Current Mood: worriedworried

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Sunday I set piperluver's puppy on fire (-66 points). Last Wednesday I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points). Last Tuesday I caught a purse-snatcher who stole norafanatic's purse (30 points). Last Saturday I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). In February I had a shoot-out with rival gang lords on the 5 near LA (-76 points).

Overall, I've been nice (206 points). For Christmas I deserve a new dolly!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Hahaha. Saving the nuns. :-D

Trins xxx

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

Long time no chat!!! Still don't have internet, but we're moving into the new house tonight, hopefully, so I will eventually! It's so irritating - this thing won't let me go on WAYN or anything! Jackasses!

How are you guys anyways? I've just been applying to universities in the Republic of Ireland. Hopefully, I'll get an offer somehow, somewhere, hopefully in medicine. UCAS was sent off a month ago, but no interviews yet, so I'm getting really REALLY worried. My friend, Yash, has an interview with Manchester Uni for medicine, in about a month. And Fran has an interview with UCL. They wanted her to come next wed, but she couldn't so she's going on the 30th. I suppose with Medics they wait till the end of november normally, though. But I got a letter for interview on the 9th of Nov, last year. And the interview was for the 2nd. This REALLY doesn't look good. >_<

How are all of you guys doing though? Man alive I miss coming on here! And I miss Charmed. I saw prt of an episode yesterday. It's the one where the man and woman are cursed, so that the guy is an owl during the day, and the woman is a wolf during the night. And Piper wants to get married, and just as she's about to, Leo get zapped up to the elders. Well, I'm sure you guys know which one it is. It was sooooo good watching it again. I really did miss it. Having said that, I kinda missed random animé on Toonami too. So that;s not really saying much. lol.

I'd best go now, but people, send me emails!!! I'm dying of boredom here!!

Trins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: hungryhungry

Er...nothing much to say. Chapter 11 of Certainty and Uncertainty is up. And since I've got a reference book of sorts on regency england, it'll take me way less time to write the next chapters. And I've already thought of two stories that will be partially inter-related to this one. And yeah, that's about it. I might start working on the sequel to Lemonade too.

That's about it.

Trins xxx

Current Mood: awakeawake

Hey y'all. sorry i haven't been around much, but we still haven't moved into our new house. So I still don't have internet except when i go to people's houses and go on theirs. And since I don't know anyone in B'ham...well, you can guess the rest can't you.

I'm adding everyone of my friends on to my yahoo ID. trins_the_fins@yahoo.com, if you guys want to know. Either way, wou'll most likely be receiving ane-mail from me soon.

Send me e-mails. PLEASE! I'm dying of boredom. >_<

Muchos amore,

Trins xxxxxxxx

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